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Cummings Leasing, Inc. is a full-service transportation provider offering transportation resources, contract maintenance, and fleet service. Our truck leasing division provides full-service truck leasing and rental. Cummings Brothers Truck Repair provides programmed maintenance of trucks, tractors, and trailers.


We have been growing our company for over 40 years in South Florida and have provided full-service fleet support for our customers. Cummings is an affiliate of Nationalease and a member of TRALA, a transportation support association that represents our interests in Washington and Tallahassee. We stay on the leading edge of technology and training through these organizations and offer excellent service to our clients.


Cummings Leasing, Inc. is a certified Green Company.




Since 1976, Cummings Leasing has provided quality transportation services to its customers in South Florida. The company started with a single mobile service truck doing on-site service at night when fleets were finished with their day. Cummings Brother Truck Repair operated a repair shop in Deerfield Beach at the same time. We built our business, growing each year by adding refined services that we knew our customers needed. Offering more than one service created long-term stability and helped get our company through some tough economic times.


Eventually, our customers expressed interest in having certified, dependable trucks that they could use without the worry of regular maintenance. We responded by adding truck leasing and rentals to our business in 1994.


In 1998, we became a NationaLease/Ameriquest company, giving us the ability to offer our customers nationwide support for their OTR fleet plus a host of added services, from financing to route management.  


Today, we are a full-service transportation company that offers full-service leasing, commercial rentals, truck maintenance, repairs, and used truck sales. We believe that you grow a business in your relationship with your customers. We are blessed to have a lot of good friends.

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