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Certified Pre-Owned Trucks

Every Certified Pre-Owned Truck must pass a rigorous 83-point Performance PM "B" Wet inspection and maintenance process - one of the most extensive inspection programs in North America.


From minor parts to major components, virtually nothing goes unchecked. Performance PM includes a DOT annual inspection and replacement of water, fuel and oil filters. Plus, the Certified inspection process also includes replacement of air filter and belts.


Here's just a partial list of Certified inspection items:

  • Engine and Transmission Mounts

  • Cooling System

  • Driveline and U-Joints

  • Hoses Inspected, Belts Replaced

  • Alternator / Starter

  • Shifter, Clutch and Steering Shaft Seals

  • Replace Filters

  • Frame and Crossmembers

Available Trucks:
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