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At Cummings we understand that providing service to all of your customers depends solely on the reliability of your transportation fleet. After all, you can't provide service to anyone if your equipment's maintenance isn't constantly addressed.


Cummings Leasing offers a full service truck leasing program that improves fleet productivity, optimizing your working capital. We offer a wide range of solutions from single trucks to an entire fleet of trucks to suit the needs of your business. Our team of trained professionals will help you to make the best decisions for your transportation needs.

Available Trucks

  • Single and Tandem Axle Tractors

  • Dry Box Trucks

  • Flatbeds

  • Refrigerated Trucks

  • Specialized Equipment

  • Trailers

  • Custom Built Equipment

Truck Rental, Trailer Rental, truck Leasing
  • Equipment Built for Customer Needs

  • One Monthly Invoice

  • Predictable Transportation Costs

  • No Need to Maintain a Service Facility

  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

  • Non-Scheduled Maintenance

  • Parts and Labor for Repairs

  • Oil, Lubricants, and Tires

  • Vehicle Substitution When Truck is in for Repair

  • Vehicle Towing

  • Your Company's Logo / Branding

  • Taxes, Licensing, and Permitting

Our Leasing Program Includes:


  • LESS OPERATING RISK - Untimely mechanical failure can result in unforeseen costs, customer service breakdown, and driver discontentment.

  • COMPLIANCE- We help you manage and diminish safety risks and handle regulatory compliance, such as DOT, EPA, OSHA, etc. Outsourcing your transportation requirements to Cummings professionals, allows you to concentrate on your core business.

  • CAPITAL FLOW - Make more capital available, therefore providing your company the ability to reposition your financial resources that more directly impact your business.

  • FINANCING - A financing option that allows you to lessen your companies tax exposure and improve your return on assets.

  • TIME MANAGEMENT- Relieves you from administrative and management time spent on fleet management hassles.

  • PRODUCTIVITY - Proper fleet management services improve operational efficiency and productivity.

  • VEHICLE REPORTING - Management reports help monitor vehicle performance for continuous improvement.

  • CORPORATE IMAGE - Vehicles in good condition improve the image of your company.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE - By Leasing from Cummings, we can provide you with the infrastructure needed to move into new markets.

  • DRIVER QUALITY - Improved retention, morale, and ability to recruit professional drivers by having properly spec'd and well-maintained vehicles.

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